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Frequently Asked Questions

What and where

What is Halisaclub?

Halisaclub is a Cultural Association with the purpose to spread Italian language and culture all over the world through Italian language courses, classes of art, history, literature, music, cuisine.. and also excursions, cultural initiatives, events, twinships.

Where is Palermo?

It is in the south of Italy, in the beautiful island of Sicily. Palermo is the sixth largest city in Italy, it is the capital of Sicily, and it is famous for its historical centre, the largest in Europe, where Arabic, Norman, Baroque, Liberty testimonies can be found.                                                                                

Where is Halisaclub?

Our classes take place both in the centre of Palermo and in a nice village by the sea, about 15 Km from Palermo.

What does the name "halisa" mean?

More than 1000 years ago, during Arab domination, an area of Palermo called "al hàlisah" was chosen by the Emir and his court to be their headquarters. At that time Palermo became the cultural and artistic centre of the Mediterranean. The name "al hàlisah" literally means "favorite, excellent, chosen, elected."
We chose this name for our Association to indicate our passion for history and at the same time, our vocation for excellence and quality.

Courses and lessons

Where do the lessons take place?  

Halisaclub is a “school without walls”: our classes take place outside the traditional classroom, in  terraces by the sea or at the teachers’  homes. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes the learning process easier. The lessons can also take place in the accommodation operating within our Association. We organise courses both in the city centre of Palermo and in a small village by the sea at 15 Km far from Palermo.

What kinds of  courses do you offer?

We offer courses of Italian language:standard, intensive, one to one, conversation, preparation for Italian exams (CILS, CELI..). We also offer cultural programs: art and history of Sicily, Italian literature, Sicilian folk traditions, Sicilian authors in literature, Italian in the Opera, Sicilian cuisine.
We can also organize mini-stages “Sicilian Encounters”: seminars on various aspects of our history and culture. On-line lessons.

How can I test my  level of Italian?

In the home page of the site click on Test on-line, you will quickly know the results. In some cases you will receive a personalized judgment from one of our teachers.  

Further information

Which additional services do you offer?

Free booking service for the accommodation, cultural and naturalistic excursions, rent-a-car, baby parking, transfer from/to the airport or the train station.

How can reservation be made?

Reservation can be made through the home page of our website: click  enroll now You can also book sending an e-mail. During your booking, you will be followed step by step by Halisaclub

How can reservations be made?

Reservation can be made through the home page of our website: click enroll now you can also book sending an e-mail
During your booking, you will be followed step by step by Halisaclub.

How can I contact Halisaclub?

You can contact us via email or you can call +39 091 9101112

Where can I find the prices of your services?

Choose the right course for you and contact us via e mail. Discover our special prices for long term courses. Write us to know our best offerings

Which guarantees does Halisaclub offer?

Halisaclub aims at excellence and quality.
Halisaclub is sponsored by REGIONE SICILIA because it is registered in the Official Regional Board for Social Tourism.

Why should I choose Halisaclub?

For our reliability, for excellence in teaching and the quality of services. And also our passion for this  job that becomes hospitality   offering  friendship to all our guests.

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