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Italian Courses

Halisaclub's language courses to really learn Italian and to know Italy culture!
To dip into Italian language and to meet any your request, halisaClub offers many types of Italian courses, divided into:

Italian language courses standard, intensive, individual, conversation, and special preparation classes for the Cils and Celi exams

cultural personalized programs of Italian art, history, popular traditions, literature, Sicilian authors in literature, Italian language in the Opera, cuisine

stages, called the Sicilian encounters, to know unusual and distinctive aspects of Sicilian

Italian classes + water sports

After an entry test we will evaluate your entry level as established by "Common European  Framework of Reference" by Strasburgo:
basic level (A1,A2)
independent (B1,B2)
proficient (C1,C2)
If instead you are an absolute beginner you will follow a specialized program!

The maximum number of students in group courses is 6!  

At the end of the course, halisaClub will issue you a certificate of attendance indicating the level you achieved!

Italian language courses

Standard Course     
The course consists of modules of 20 lessons (45 minutes each) distributed over the span of one week. We suggest following at least a two-week-course (2 modules).

Intensive Course

The intensive course consists of modules of 25 lessons (45 minutes each) distributed over the span of one week. We suggest following at least a two-week-course (2 modules).

Individual Course

The individual course consists of specially planned didactic itinerary related to the student's specific interests. Various didactic methods and multi-media instruments as well as films, excursions, etc. are chosen to enrich the student's comprehension of Italian language and culture.

Conversation Course

Weekly courses of 4 lessons (each lesson is 45 minutes long). The didactic method is based on all the aspects that favor comprehension of the "spoken" language and oral production.  

Specialized Courses

Preparatory courses for the "Cils" examination of the University of Siena (Certificazione di Italiano come lingua straniera), for the "Celi" examination of the University of Perugia (Certificato di conoscenza della lingua Italiana) and for the "IT" examination of the University of Roma 3 (Certificato di Italiano come L2) using didactic materials prepared specifically for this purpose and simulating the tests based on exams given in past years.

Cultural Programs

Art, Popular Traditions, Cuisine, Literature… courses given, in the Italian language, by teachers a specific knowledge of each subject.

These courses consist of 2 lessons per day of 1 hour each, every day from Monday through Friday.
The required level of Italian is B (intermediate).

Other than the mentioned programs, if you want to delve into a specific historical period or a specific subject, please contact us, and we will organize your personalized cultural vacation and the course according to your specific interests!

Art & History of Sicily

We will journey through the most significant moments in our history. An unusual digression that alternates theoretical lessons with lessons developed around testimonials from our historical-artistic past. In the individual courses it is possible to widen one's knowledge of a specific historical period, or of a particular monument.

Sicilian Popular Traditions

You will get to know evocative popular traditions, religious feasts, legends, the magic rites and the ancient beliefs which, for ages, have characterized the Sicilian culture and that, even today, maintain their charm. A unique journey that alternates theoretical lessons with visits to sites that highlight Sicilian popular culture.  
In the individual courses it is possible to widen one's knowledge of favourite subjects.

Sicilian language course

Sicilian can’t be considered a dialect of Italian but a true language.
A rich language because it reflects our complex history and all the foreign dominations that have occurred over the centuries in our island.
A course dedicated to those who have Sicilian origins or simply to those who love studying languages ​​and the etymology of words.
This course will allow you to know the structure of the Sicilian language and its main grammatical rules but, above all, will give you the opportunity to read small texts, produce sentences and learn the countless idiomatic expressions that represent the true essence of the Sicilian language.

Italian Literature

We will analyze the most significant stages of our rich literary heritage through the study of the most beautiful Italian prose and poetry from various eras. We will also examine contemporary authors such as Luciano De Crescenzo e Andrea Camilleri. In the individual courses it is possible to widen one's knowledge of favorite authors or literary period.

Sicilian Authors in Literature

A literary voyage through the most evocative pages of the most noteworthy Sicilian authors.  Short stories and poetry narrated by writers bound to their land but universally recognized and praised that offer an important contribution to Italian Literature. The lessons anticipate the study of authors such as Tomasi di Lampedusa, Luigi Pirandello, Leonardo Sciascia, Andrea Camilleri.


Sicily in the cinema

Sicily, a magical and evocative land, is an ideal set chosen by many directors, in the past and today, to set their films. Unforgettable natural views, a rich history and an unique cultural heritage have made Sicily the region of Italy where the largest number of films was filmed. Moreover, there are many Sicilian actors and directors who have made a significant contribution to the world of cinema.
We will analyze together the different genres of films set in Sicily: historical films, films taken from famous literary works, mafia films, costume comedies and we will watch the most exciting and representative scenes...


Italian Language in the Opera

The course "Italian language in the Opera" is for all the students who wish to start or improve their language skills in the Italian language starting from our most beautiful arias of the Italian Opera.Three levels, with a musical expert...

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Sicilian Cuisine

Inside a "real" kitchen you will get to know the aromas and favors of typical Sicilian dishes.A voyage between "primi", "secondi" and "dolci" that best characterize the Sicilian culture as expressed through its cuisine. A brief theoretical introduction will guide you to the practical realization of the various dishes and. BUON APPETITO!


Sicilian Encounters

Halisaclub's  "Sicilian Encounters" are designed to widen one's knowledge of unusual and distinctive aspects of Sicilian History, Art and Traditions!

Each of these "mini-stages" last 2 hours and offer you the possibility to leaf through some interesting pages of our culture!

The required level is intermediate; however, upon request, "Sicilian Encounters" can be made available in the English language. Each of the "Sicilian Encounters" costs 50 €

Here is the list of halisaClub's Sicilian Encounters:

you can choose that or those which interest you the most!

1-     The "Arabic World" in Sicilian Language and Culture                                    

2-     Religion and Magic in Sicily

3-     The Fragrance of Sicilian wines

4-     Frederic II of Sweden "Stupor Mundi"

5-     Traditional Dishes of Sicilian Feasts

6-     The Mafia: Why?

Italiana Classes + water sports

10 hours of Italian language combined with 6 or more hours of water sports (scuba diving, snorkelling, canoeing, sailing)

Maximum number of students: 6

Minimum language proficiency required: Beginner

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