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Useful links from Halisaclub

Visit on-line some of the places of art and the seaside resorts near the halisaClub School of Italian language.

Widen your knowledge of some aspects of your study-holiday in Italy, using the services of the following web sites advised by halisaClub!

Links for places...


Bagheria and its 21 17th century Villas

The Palagonia Villa in Bagheria

Santa Flavia, Porticello, Solanto


Cultural links.

The honorary president of halisaclub

Sicily and Culture

Museums in Palermo

Frederick II Stupor Mundi

Links to know...


Travel links.

By plane

By ship  in inglese  in tedesco

By train

 We are waiting for you in Sicily !!!

"La Vucciria" - Renato Guttuso

The famous Sicilian painter is buried in the Catholic Villa of Bagheria (close to the halisaClub School) where a permanent exhibit of his works is staged. The painting, "La Vucciria" can be found in Palazzo Steri, the seat of the Univerista' degli Studi di Palermo

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