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Our teachers

To know us

Take a look at the Curriculum Vitae of some of halisaClub's teachers .

You will notice the experience and the preparation in Italian language and cultura, that guarantees the most elevated learning efficacy!


Graduated in Languages and Literatures with fullmarks and honours
Sciences of Education the University of Palermo with full marks and honours
Qualified as an English and French teacher by the Ministry of Education.
- Achieved the First Certificate of Cambridge (Grade A) University of Cambridge
- Etablissement d’enseignement superieur of the Foundation Post Universitaire of Paris
- C. R. A. I. E. Research and updating centre for the educational innovation;
- O.P.P.I for teachers’ professional training;
- I.R.R.S.A.E Regional Institute for educational research, experimentation, updating;
- TELEMACO Association for the education to the reading ability.
Additional experiences:
Leader for "EF European Language School" for "Educational Language Agency Ltd" of London
Interpreter for the "Expert-investigations Center" of Scotland Yard, London.


Graduated foreign Languages and Literatures with full marks and honours
- Certificate of attendance at the "DITALS" course for the teaching of Italian as a second language, the Italian University of Siena.
- Qualified as cataloguer of Fine Arts and Environment Board for the cataloguing of the Sicilian History and Arts
- Certification of attendance at the course of entrepreneurs formation" by the Sicilian Region
- IBM Certification of attendance to the course of architectures"
Additional experiences:
Pluriannual experience in teaching of the Italian language to foreign people
Pluriannual experience in leading of tourist groups abroad.


Laureato in clarinetto e in sassofono.
Abilitato all'insegnamento di Educazione musicale nelle scuole di istruzione secondaria di I e II grado, dal Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione Italiano.
- Diploma di Specializzazione per l'insegnamento negli istituti di istruzione secondaria superiore (SISSIS)
- Diploma si speciliazzazione polivalente
- Diploma di perfezionamento annuale post laurea in "Strategie e metodi di intervento sulla disabilità in ambito didattico"
- Diploma di specializzazione post laurea in "Teoria e metodo dell'uso dette tecnologie multimediali nella didattica"
Altre esperienze:
Esperienza pluriennale nell'insegnamento del sassofono, clarinetto, solfeggio e teoria musicale, composizione.
Esperienza pluriennale in attività musicali in qualità di esecutore, compositore e direttore.

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Degree foreign languages and literatures with full marks and honours
- Erasmus Socrates project: six months at the’s "Sprach-und Literaturwissenschaft"
- Borsa di studio "Leonardo da Vinci" su finanziamento Comunita’ Europea nel settore Turismo e Ricevimento, "Quality Hotels", Regensburg - Deuchland.
Additional experiences:

Many years in teaching of the Italian language to foreign people
Interpreter translator Italian-English.

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