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To know us
The "school without walls"... the defining signature of Halisaclub

We organise courses both in the city centre of Palermo and in rural villages on the coast. Halisaclub is a "school without walls": our classes take place outside the traditional classroom, in terraces by the sea or at the teachers’ homes. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes the learning process easier. The lessons can also take place in the accommodations operating within our Association.

Not always the same Method!
Halisaclub always supports the students' individual needs. Our approach is in fact "customer centric": every student is unique, his or her rhythms, his or her satisfaction and the learning results are the centre of our didactic program!

halisaclub adopts the most recent andragogic principles, in conjunction with standards set forth in the: Common European Framework of Reference by Strasburgo

- A "balanced program" of language, culture and other activities, planned for You!
- during the course, the use of different teaching methods: mastery learning, problem solving, communicative approach.
- the best proportion "for you" between oral and written production, grammar, conversation, use of books or newspapers and magazines, films, etc...
It takes particular experience and competence to apply these andragogic principles: for this reason halisaclub has certified teachers specifically trained in this discipline!
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